New Zealand Alpine Team


New Zealand Alpine Team

The New Zealand Alpine Team is an initiative of the Expedition Climbers Club that represents a new concept for climbing in this country. It is born of a desire to support and encourage aspiring young Kiwi alpinists looking to improve their mountain skills. Some of New Zealand's best alpine climbers have volunteered their time to mentor a future generation of alpinists. In doing so, we are hoping to help a group of young climbers to learn valuable skills and knowledge that might have otherwise taken them many more years to acquire.

Career Highlights

With a desire to support and encourage aspiring young Kiwi alpinists, the New Zealand Alpine team is made up of highly skilled alpinists as mentors, mentored climbers and aspiring mentor climbers.


New Zealand Alpine Team Members

  • Daniel Joll
  • Alastair McDowell
  • Ben Dare
  • Ben Mangan
  • Kim Ladiges
  • Gemma Wilson
  • Rose Pearson
  • Jaz Morris
  • Pete Harris
  • Kester Brown
  • Karl Schimanski
  • Allen Uren
  • Lionel Clay
  • Tim Macartney-Snape
  • Richard Measures
  • Jono Clarke
  • James Hobson
  • Sooji Clarkson
  • Matthew Scholes
  • Steven Fortune

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