Hiking & Tramping

Radix offers a range of meals and drinks that are perfect for Hiking and Tramping. Lightweight, compact, and easy to prepare, it’s the ideal solution to accessing great nutrition on the trail or off the beaten track.

Key benefits for Hiking and Tramping

Lightweight and compact

Utilising advanced freeze-drying technology, all our products fit into a lightweight and compact form factor, allowing you to keep your pack weight low, with no nutritional compromises. Gross meal weights start as low as 87g per meal.

Easy to prepare

Spend less time cooking and cleaning up and more time doing what you love. Radix meals can be rehydrated anywhere. Ready in under 5 minutes by adding <1 cup of water. Eat straight out of the bag, no bowls needed.

Unmatched taste and texture

We pride ourselves on amazing taste and great consistency. Radix meals are flavoured with 100% natural herbs and spices, with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Our ingredients are finely milled to allow meals to rehydrate quickly, with no dry or crunchy bits.

Nutritionally complete

Radix products are designed with RNAtechnology to increase the density of 130+ ingredients and nutrients, from macronutrients, micronutrients, amino acids, pre and post biotics, to a wide range of phytonutrients. Give your body everything it needs to conquer your environment.


Designed for highly active individuals with increased energy demands, our Ultra range has up to 800kcal of slow-releasing energy per meal to keep you going for longer.

Refuel and recover

High in protein, essential amino acids, and other key nutrients, Radix offers a range of meals and recovery smoothies that help you to repair muscle and recover from fatigue so you can be at your best for days on end.

With Radix Nutrition, I know I am putting the best quality ingredients into my body wherever I am. Whether that’s high up in the mountains to fuel multi-day adventures in extreme environments, or if I’m in need of a quick nutritious meal whilst at my desk editing a project.

- Scott Howes, Adventure photographer

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Trusted by teams and athletes when it matters most

Elina Osborne on the Te Araroa trail.

Elina is an outdoor adventurer and filmmaker. She uses Radix on long-distance hikes, such as the Te Araroa trail, a walk that spans the entire length of New Zealand.


“I’ve recognized just how important it is to fuel my body with nutritionally dense, high protein meals. Every time I pulled one of these bad boys out for dinner, I knew I’d be feeling good for another long day on the trail.”

Alex Hillary and Mike Dawson conquer the Olivine ice plateau.

Alpinist Alex Hillary and Olympic Kayaker Mike Dawson trusted Radix to help them conquer the Olivine Plateau. Their journey saw them travelling by water, over ice, abseiling through rivers, using a roadmap of alpine creeks and fighting their way through the bush.


We needed a product that could provide high quality, high performing nutrition to function in an exposed, remote and energy-sapping environment. Radix was the perfect addition. The highest of quality nutrients combined with an incredible weight: calorie equation.”

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