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Starter Whey Protein Smoothie Box v1

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    The easiest way to sample all the flavours in our whey protein Ultimate Recovery Smoothie range. We also include a discount on all Starter Boxes.


    2x Smoothie | Ultimate Recovery Smoothie | Spirulina & Strawberry

    2x Smoothie | Ultimate Recovery Smoothie | Berry & Banana

    2x Smoothie | Ultimate Recovery Smoothie | Cacao & Banana

    1x Premium Radix Shaker(Personalised) 

    *Please note: Meal pack items are subject to availability. In the instance that a meal is out of stock we will make a substitution for the most similar meal available.

    Important Disclaimer: Macronutrient information displayed on product images may differ slightly from the current recipe version. The nutritional information on product pages is for the most up to date version. We are also nearly through a packaging transition, which means that you may receive old packaging designs in the last few cases.

    All Natural

    100% Whey

    No Added Sugar

    Gluten Free

    Soy Free


    Protein, Carbs, Vitamins and Minerals Needed for Complete Recovery.

    We created our Ultimate Recovery Smoothie™ for athletes demanding the highest quality post-workout nutrients, not just protein, for muscle growth and recovery.

    Highest Quality Ingredient

    Natural Whey Protein with Superfood ingredients.

    The Latest Science

    A combination of leading expertise with applied scientific research.

    Advanced Technology

    Ingredients are freeze dried, milled and sealed in to bags to protect protein.

    Fast & Simple

    Add to water and shake, or mix with your favourite ingredients!

    What's Inside our Ultimate Recovery Smoothie™?

    30g Protein Per Serving

    100% Whey Protein from New Zealand grass-fed dairy.

    6.6g BCAAs Per Serving

    All three branch chain amino acids, including 2.7g of Leucine.

    14g EAAs Per Serving

    All nine essential amino acids, considered the building blocks of life.

    Superfood Ingredients

    Access key nutrients and phytonutrients needed for complete recovery.

    All Natural Ingrdients

    Made from all natural ingridents for maximum bioavalability.

    No Added Sugar

    Only sugar from nautral plant-based ingredients.

    Micronutrient dense superfoods for complete recovery and adaptation.

    Hand-picked for their health benefits, ingredients include almonds, baobab, acerola, cacao, blackcurrant, spirulina, spinach and maca.


    With polyphenols, antioxidants, and a vast array of vitamins and minerals, these ingredients help reduce fatigue, fight inflammation, restore electrolytes and boost immunity.

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